Thursday, June 16, 2011

Udi's Hamburger Rolls

NEW Udi's Gluten Free Hamburger Buns 10.4 oz. - case of 6 (4 buns per pack)

As we have previously covered I love Udi's. They get it, they really do. They understand their customer very well. They know that those who are eating gluten free still want to eat something delicious and that there is no reason to settle for something terrible when something awesome is available. I find that incredibly commendable.

I have been itching for a few weeks to get these rolls and just didn't get it together until today. The reason? I've been big time craving Five Guys. For those of you not in the know - Five Guys is an amazing burger joint and its an extremely safe place for celiacs to eat. There is no cross contamination - burgers on one grill, buns on another and nothing gets fried except french fries. Plus buns never touch a surface other than the piece of foil they are being wrapped in AND if you ask them to change their gloves before handling your food they are always happy to do so. Complete nirvana.

The thing is that I've never had one of their burgers on a bun. The last time I went to Five Guys the guy prepping my food screwed up and I had a minor temper tantrum. I explained my situation to the manager and he told me to always tell them when ordering that I have a special diet and that I was welcome to bring in a gluten free bun to have a "regular burger."


A regular burger.

I haven't had one of those in a long time. There hasn't been a gluten free hamburger bun that tasted good enough for me to want to use it. So I've just been going along eating my burgers sans bun and being happy.

All that changed today.

I went to Five Guys handed over my Udi's bun and anxiously awaited my "normal" burger.

I was in heaven. The bun was so tasty and it held up under the oh-so-yummy-super-loaded-a-little-greasy burger. Every other GF bun I've had falls apart at the first bite not Udi's. Udi's stayed together, stayed firm and held up until the very last bite.

I think I'm done having my burgers sans bun.

Seriously? Is there anything Udi's can't do?      

Verdict? YUMMY!                                                                 

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