Saturday, May 28, 2011

Udi's Sandwich Bread

I seriously have no idea what is going on over at Udi's but I am SO glad that it is happening.

The first time I bought this bread was at Whole Foods. It was in the little refrigerated gluten-free section that my store has. I picked it up and was amazed - it was light and it was squeezable soft! As most GF'ers know - you cannot even begin to fathom eating gf bread/baked goods without toasting them first. It just doesn't work. Some sort of chemical process happens in the toaster where it makes the consistency of gf bread palatable.

Not here Sister.

Let me break this down for you.

I opened a bag of Udi's sandwich bread, took a piece out and ate it.

And it was delicious. It tasted so similar to thin sliced Italian bread I used to get at one of the many nearby Italian markets. I fell to my knees due to what could only be described as a religious experience. I had come to Udi's and I liked it. 

Verdict? YUMMY. I seriously don't know why you are still reading this - IT TASTES LIKE WHEAT BREAD GO BUY IT!

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