Friday, May 27, 2011

Gluten Free Bisquick

Well, hello there. My oh my aren't we a big strong fella? What's that pancakes? Biscuits? Wow....I'm impressed.

Where has this been all of my celiac life???? I ate fluffy, chewy delicious biscuits! They in no way shape or form resembled hockey pucks - I was thrilled!

I used it again to make batter for chicken fingers - AMAZING!

It then made the best GF pizza crust I have ever had in my entire life. Light, chewy, a little fluffy and gosh darn it not too far off from REAL crust (okay well not really - but it was TASTY!)

Confession here is that the box does cost about $4 and it will yield you about 2-3 cups of Bisquick but it is totally worth it.

Verdict? YUMMY

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