Sunday, May 29, 2011

Kinnikinnick Maple Glazed Donuts

This all kinds of a fail.

First of all these weigh a bagillion pounds a piece - which is NEVER a good sign with GF baked goods.

Secondly, when microwaved the "maple glaze" does not heat it - it stays rock hard and the donut underneath gets brutalized.

Thirdly, the donut just flat out sucks. It's texture is bad. It wants really badly to taste like a cake donut and it fails at every measure.

Verdict? Sucky. Please, please do not waste your money here. I'm so mad that I did.


  1. That's really sad. I like that the icing doesn't become a gooey pile on the plate when I'm warming it up, or soak into the donut and you get bubkus. And if I do it right (every microwave is different) for about 45 seconds on 50% or 60%, the donut is nice and toasty soft and still has icing. Sometimes I'll thaw it for 30 seconds on 40% first, then warm it for 15 or 20 seconds at 50-60%.

    I can say I have had a couple of boxes where the donuts were really small and dense - making me wish the packaging had a window so I could decide if I wanted to buy this batch or not, and the majority have been fine.

    A couple of months ago the feature donut was apple & cinnamon and they were awesome. My regular consumer of anything & everything boyfriend loved them - better than Tim Horton's he said.

    I also live in the same city as Kinnikinnick factories #1 & 2, so I can just go in and talk to them, but they are on twitter (@GF_Insider) and love feedback. Don't be shy, maybe you got a bad batch, or your microwave just didn't love them.

  2. Well, unfortunately for Kinnikinnick I will not be wasting another $7 to find out if another box of donuts is better.

    Maybe you should swing by the Kinnikinnick factory and let them know that they should look into consistency.

    All it takes is one crappy batch of product and a customer is gone.