Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Ian's Gluten Free Chicken Tenders

I have a slightly unhealthy obsession with chicken fingers.

In my PCD days I'd loved nothing more after a night of carousing then a plate of chicken fingers and french fries. There was something almost magical about the combination of fried boneless chicken, dipping sauces and french fries.

Since my celiac diagnosis I have been searching for ways to put the foods I used to love back into my diet. Granted chicken fingers were never a regular part of my diet but they were certainly a part of it - a part I miss very much. I have made plenty of from scratch chicken fingers over the past seven years but its just such a pain in the ass. I wanted to find something easy and quick that I could just yank out of the freezer and bake.

Ian's was one of my first forays into frozen GF chicken fingers. I chose Ian's because it is clearly designed for kids and if kids are anything its finicky. Ian's was going to have to bring it to please some five-year old and me.

I was disappointed when I opened the box and saw that I paid about $1.25 per chicken finger - there were only five in the box. I tossed them in the toaster oven eager to see if they would please my five-year old inner child.

You guys - these are really good. They are a little on the small side but they are good. The chicken is super moist and the coating is crispy. One area that I think GF manufacturers are really shining at is GF chicken fingers.

Go forth and enjoy your dipping sauces with Ian's chicken tenders!

Verdict? Yummy!

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