Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Moondance Brownies

I was so ready to write this amazing, glowing review of these brownies. Something stopped me from writing me review and the last time I was at Whole Foods I grabbed one of these to try again. I was filled with glee since I was confident in their deliciousness and was looking forward to have a small piece with my lunch.

At lunchtime I broke off a piece of the brownie and took a bite.

What. Is. This.

The first time I had a Moondance Brownie it was like a symphony of chocolate covered rainbows had begun a stirring melody in my mouth. This time it was sad....so very, very sad. The delicious decadent flavor and texture that had accompanied my first brownie was not present in this brownie. It almost tasted as if it had gone bad. I checked the wrapper - it should still be fresh plus it was still frozen when I picked it up at Whole Foods.

I was totally disappointed and ended up throwing away the rest of the brownie. This is big time inconsistency. How can one brownie be heaven sent and the next one suck so very badly. Why can't GF food makers get some consistency. When I ate gluten I never remember getting a "bad batch" or any baked good. If you got something once and it was delicious chances were that all subsequent acquisitions would be equally as tasty. Why doesn't this happen in GF world? Presumably the same ingredients are being used and the baking methods haven't changed so why the shift?

Moondance, you got some splaining to do!

Verdict? Confusing

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