Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Grainless Baker Baguettes

How many of you out there miss garlic bread? Bruschetta? Thick, crusty baguettes that soak up dressing, gravy and sauces?

Really? All of you. Not surprising.

All of you right now should drop to your knees and thank your God for The Grainless Baker.

I'll wait.

These baguettes are AMAZING.


I made a peach bruschetta for a party and brought along these baguettes and not one person thought it was GF bread. In fact as I grabbed one a party-goer stopped me and said "you can't eat that!" They were shocked that it was gluten-free.

This bread is chewy, crusty, dense, yummy, delicious, extraordinary and probably cures both cancer and AIDS*

Verdict?: Yummy

*Please note I'm not a medical doctor and that's just my opinion. Please don't use The Grainless Baker products in lieu of chemotherapy or AIDS medication.

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