Monday, June 13, 2011

Sweet Freedom Bakery Cupcakes

Maybe about six months ago I was channel flipping and landed on Cupcake Wars on the Food Network. I normally sail past these kind of shows - I think its weird to make cake a competitive sport. It's just cake, why be so serious you know? Anyway, I hear them say "gluten free bakery" and I perk up. I see that their shirts are emblazoned with the above logo and am completely sure that they must be from Philadelphia. Mostly because Philadelphians  LOVE being the true birthplace of Freedom and local businesses are always adding "freedom" into their names. 

I google them, find their website and spent roughly 30 minutes drooling over their goodies. I vow that as soon as it starts being nice out I will trek out there and sample as many goodies as my belly can handle. This journey to mecca never occurs. Lucky for me I have a summer birthday. I tell everyone that I want cupcakes from Sweet Freedom and BAM one dozen cupcakes show up. 

I'll be honest - I had extraordinarily high expectations for these cupcakes. I don't know what I was thinking or what I thought they would be but I was expecting great things from these cupcakes. My non-gluten free eaters were highly skeptical and were downright frightened upon learning that their baked goods are also vegan. 

Honestly? They are pretty good. I loved, loved, loved the vanilla cupcake with vanilla icing. It was unlike anything I've ever tried before. The taste was beyond a traditional vanilla cupcake - it wasn't cloying it was subtle. I think what gave it such a sensational taste was the fact that the girls use coconut oil & coconut milk in place of butter & milk. Plus the vanilla frosting is pink! Who doesn't love that? 

I wasn't as fond of the chocolate cake as I was the vanilla (seriously it was really good). The chocolate cake was really rich but it was a little dry. I think I would have loved it if it had been as moist as the vanilla cupcake. But the frosting on the chocolate cupcake was so yummy - it was this rich mocha flavor and it was super tasty.

Sweet Freedom also makes a whole gaggle of baked goods and I'm definitely planning a trip to try all of their other treats. If you are ever in Philadelphia I highly recommend making a stop they are on 14th & South near S Broad Street. Their website is

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