Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Coleman's Gluten Free Chicken Nuggets

As I said before, I love chicken fingers. I love chicken nuggets just as much. In fact if you bread and deep fry a shoe I'll eat it.

I figured since Ian's knocked it out of the park that Coleman's would be just as great. After all it touts right on the package "Kids Love 'Em!"

Who could argue with that? Kids know their fried chicken products and they don't have time to screw around. There are playdates and other important kid business.

Upon opening the package I was super disappointed. The chicken nuggets were about the size of a quarter. I'm a grown woman - I'll probably need to eat the entire box - great. Way to make me feel like a total fat ass Coleman Naturals.

I'm hoping the fact that I might have developed an eating disorder upon opening the box would be made up for by the delicious taste of chicken nuggets.


Okay so the chicken nuggets are about the size of a quarter and the chicken contained inside of the nugget is about the size of a dime. Again who tells people that Celiacs are hot for GF breading? Who spreads such vicious lies? You don't even get that much breading on a wheat chicken nugget. Its always a thin, crispy breading encasing a delicious piece of a chicken. Was there a screw-up at the Coleman's factory? Did someone switch up the recipe?

Either way - these are not worth the price. They aren't terrible but they just are not worth the price especially when there are many far superior products in your friendly grocer's freezer section.

Verdict? Sucky

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