Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Glutino Cheddar Gluten Free Crackers

Glutino Gluten Free Crackers Cheddar -- 4.4 oz

In my PCD days I was completely obsessed with Cheez-It's. My roommate and I would purchase this crate of Cheez-It's from Costco every six months or so. Cheez-It's were the snack that had everything - cheese, crunch and salt. Divine. I have completely missed Cheez-It's and have been searching in the vain hope that some GF cracker somewhere could come close to the taste of a Cheez-It. (Could I say Cheez-It a few more times, geez....I guess I really did have a problem...I'm like a crazt ex-junkie or something......cheez-it)

Sadly, my search continues. 

My issue with these crackers is that they didn't have an outright cheddar taste - it was more like you got a cheddar after taste. They were also super greasy - I'm not sure what that was all about. They actually reminded me of these homemade crackers my aunt used to make that were supposed to have the subtle flavor of cheddar but not taste cheesy. I was really looking for a cheesy taste. 

There aren't a terrible cracker but any means - just not right if you are looking for something similar to a Cheez-It or even a Nip. 

Verdict?: Okay

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