Monday, June 13, 2011

Schar Classic White Bread

Schar Gluten Free Classic White Bread 6/14 oz.

Schar absolutely holds a special place deep, deep within my heart as it was the first good tasting gluten free bread I ever ate. 

When I was diagnosed with celiac 7 years ago I tried so many gluten free breads. PCD (pre-celiac diagnosis) I was a total bread-aholic and celiac disease was my rehab program. Every bread I tried was heavy, crumbly, weird tasting - it just wasn't hitting the spot. After a year of total fails I gave up. I figured that being a celiac meant no bread ever and I would just have to live with it and learn to make do. Instead of sandwiches I ate big complicated salads, I ate burgers & hot dogs without buns and I was happy. 

Or so I thought. 

Its funny how you can convince yourself that something is fine because what would be the option? To cry and shake my fists at the heavens for relegating me to a bread-free existence for the rest of the days I drag my meat-sack across this great earth? No. The thought was too great to carry.

One shining day I came across Schar bread at my local health food store. Right there on the case was a review saying that 1) you could eat it UNTOASTED 2) that it was super close to wheat bread. I grabbed a loaf, said my silent prayer to the gluten-free gods and went on my merry way. 

I found Schar at the perfect time as I had been craving a peanut butter & jelly sandwich like crazy. I removed two slices from the package and assembled my PB&J and......heaven. This was nothing like those bricks of gluten-free bread I had tried years earlier. This was light, fluffy and delicious. 

Verdict? Yummy!

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