Thursday, June 16, 2011

Gillian's French Rolls

I can't quite remember but I believe that these were the first gluten free rolls I ever had. I think my mom had purchased them when I came to visit one time during the summer. She wanted me to feel normal at a BBQ. It always feels good to have an option. I think so many times as GF eaters we get so used to eating sandwiches and burgers without rolls that we forget how good it can be to have that roll.

I do find these rolls to be pretty tasty. They have a light texture and when toasted give a good chew. I occasionally make mini garlic bread with them and its good.

There is a chain restaurant in the Pennsylvania tri-state area called Ninety-Nine that offers these rolls as an option to their gluten free eaters (and the one by me - that sadly closed - also had a dedicated fryer so you could eat hot delicious fries until you died!). Sure the bun falls apart a bit under the weight of burger, toppings and ferocious eating but its still pretty good.

Verdict? Good

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