Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Trader Joe's Frozen Gluten Free Pancakes

I've always had an issue with pancakes made at home. To me they never tasted as good as they did at a diner or restaurant. I never knew why that was or what ingredient I was missing. I also judged every pancake against a friends moms recipe. I used to love having slumber parties at this girls house growing up because I knew her mom was going to make us pancakes. They were amazing - to this day I wish I knew what she did to those pancakes because they were seriously amazing. I was super bummed when they moved away - I did miss my friend too but those pancakes were killer. 
Making GF pancakes at home has been a big challenge. Seeing as I didn't like make from scratch pancakes PCD there was no way I was going to be happy post diagnosis. I totally gave up on pancakes and figured one day in the future some genius would open up a gluten free diner and I'd get to eat all the delicious pancakes I could handle.

That is until I found these babies in Trader Joe's freezer section. Oh man are they little packets of joy. The box contains several packages of three pancakes. The pancakes are a little less then twice the size of silver dollar pancakes and they are heavenly. There is this sweet and buttery taste to the pancake that makes them so good. I don't even eat them with syrup - I usually just cut up some strawberries and go to town!

Verdict? Yummy!

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