Friday, June 24, 2011

French Meadow Bite Sized Brownies

I'm just starting to try out all of these French Meadow products. This is a new brand to me and I think that my local Stop n Shop just started carrying it. While I didn't have a stellar experience with their cupcakes I'm never one to resist a brownie.

I've found that typically gluten-free brownies are a fairly safe bet. Most of the time they taste closer to fudge then brownie and who can hate that?

These are definitely closer to the taste of cake-like brownie and it totally works. The GF trying to be dense thing usually results in a rock heavy product and here they managed to make a dense brownie that is totally light and super yummy. The only downside is that they are bite sized which means that you can easily inhale 10 in one sitting.

Verdict? Yummy!

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