Friday, July 8, 2011

Yummy's Favorite Stuff

I am a giver. It is my very nature to share. This is why I absolutely cannot keep the following websites to myself any longer.

Not only does this website feature coupons & samples for gluten free goodies but they also have super yummy gluten free recipes. You can sign up to receive information on coupons too. The latest is FREE chicken wraps at PF Changs! YUMMY :)

How bad ass is this? It's Groupon for Celiacs!!! They offer daily deals on all sorts of goodies. I highly recommend signing up - afterall it's free to join!

*As always - I do not get paid or free stuff or anything to recommend stuff. I always feel like its super important to remind you guys of that. I want you to know that when I recommend something its because I seriously like it not just because someone paid me.*

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