Thursday, July 28, 2011

Schar Baguette

Schar Baquettes Gluten Free, 12.3-Ounces

It always amazes me that I can now get gluten free bread that tastes amazing and is actually craveable. when I was diagnosed I truly, deeply believed that I would never have a delicious piece of bread again for the rest of my life.  Bye-bye crusty french loaves, chewy Italian bread and lovely Artisanal varieties. 

The past few years I've been lucky to stumble across The Grainless Baker and now Schar's Baguettes. I truly believed that no one else on the market was making anything close to what The Grainless Baker was doing. I actually had no clue that Schar even made freaking baguettes. 

That's is totally frustrating and it sometimes make me want to set fire to random people in the street. I would love if stores could carry a vast array of products from each retailer. Schar has an obscenely vast array of products and I'm going to say that in order to sample maybe half of them I'd have to hit it up like 5 different grocery & health food stores. 

Ugh - okay I know I don't need to get ranty all the time. But seriously there are like so many people who are celiacs or gluten intolerant and everyone wants to chow down. 

Back to the Schar goodness. 

I've been seriously craving some yummy garlic bread. I probably only make garlic bread a few times a year - as opposed to PCD when I would make it weekly. Go me and my waning addiction to carbs! 

I dug Narnia deep into my health food stores freezer and could find no Grainless Baker baguettes. So I did what I normally do when I feel despondent at the health food store I walk around until something else distracts me. That was when I ran across these guys. 

This was some supreme garlic bread. The bread is soft like a baby (does not taste like a baby), chewy and toasted up amazingly. Flat out this bread rocks. 

Verdict? YUMMY

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