Saturday, July 23, 2011

Ancient Harvest Quinoa Pasta

Ancient Harvest Quinoa Pasta Pagodas, Wheat Free, 8 Ounce Boxes (Pack of 12)

One of my fabulous, gorgeous and supermodel-esque readers Christine recommended that I try quinoa pasta when I complained about how regular pasta falls apart.

I've seen this brand and its hard to miss turquoise box for years but it never occurred to me to actually, you know, try it.

Today was a day of discovery my dear friends. I was like Magellan working down uncharted waters and making amazing discoveries of things that have been there forever but putting my big, fat stupid slap of approval all over it. Ancient Harvest is my Guam (read a book people!)

I made a tasty GF pasta bake today (no recipe cook pasta, dump in garlic pasta sauce, cover in mozzarella and bake) with this quinoa pasta. I'm really starting to get on board with this whole corn flour thing. Jules banging cookie mix boast corn flour and this qunioa pasta's first ingredient is corn flour.

Let's jump on this corn flour revolution GF food makers.

The pasta cooked up perfectly al dente and really held up under lots of sauce and cheese in a baked pasta dish. Best of all? I don't think anyone would think that this pasta wasn't a gluten pasta. No funky after taste, no gumminess - it was just perfection.

Verdict? YUMMY and I can't wait to make Mc n Cheese with this

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  1. Well us supermodels have to eat healthy to keep our gorgeous bodies all in shape and what not!
    Glad you tried the yumminess:)