Friday, July 22, 2011

Conte's Margherita Pizza

I'm not really sure how far reaching the Conte's brand is - its made locally and is sold at nearly every single grocery store around here. They are a "regular" Italian foods maker and recently added in a lovely selection of gluten-free items. 

One of the annoyances (among many, many irritating things) is the lack of decent gluten free pizza. PCD I could eat any pizza I wanted, anywhere at any time. I could eat pizza all day everyday if I felt like it. I would happily skip from pizza joint to pizza joint whenever the craving for a warm, crispy slice of pizza hit me. 

Those were the days. 

Now finding delicious gluten free pizza is like finding the Holy Grail - its mission impossible and there is a large chance you will be eaten by a troll. 

I've tried a lot of frozen gluten free pizzas as well as several fresh (non homemade) pizzas and haven't really found one that tasted truly G-Full or even really super delicious for GF. Until I had Conte's. 

Even those this is a frozen pizza it tastes fresh and the crust is really tasty. 

Verdict? Yummy! If this is available in your area scoop this bad boy up. 

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