Monday, October 3, 2011

Wholes Foods Gluten Free Banana Bread

Is there anything more appealing than the smell of banana bread baking?

I absolutely love banana bread. I know shocking right? It's not like this whole blog is dedicated to my love of all things sugary & sweet or anything. Someone had tipped me off and said that I absolutely had to try the Gluten Free Carrot Cake (yeah, no thanks) and the Gluten Free Banana Bread at Whole Foods.

What really drove this home? The person is NOT Gluten Free.

This definitely demanded an investigation.

On a recent trip to Whole Foods I swung by their refrigerated gluten-free section and picked myself up a loaf. The first thing I noticed was that the bread has that same sticky-cake like outer layer of gluten-full banana bread and the smell was amazing.

I sliced off a piece and popped it in the toaster oven for a minute.


This tasted EXACTLY like gluten-full banana bread.

I proceeded to inhale half of the loaf in one sitting. Not my proudest moment, but definitely one of the yummiest!

Verdict? YUMMY and hopefully you'll have significantly more self control then me.

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