Sunday, October 9, 2011

Kettle Cuisine Three Bean Chili

I'm generally pretty weary of frozen gluten free meals and soups. I've had a few negative experiences so I tend to be pretty cautious. 

The other day I was slowly browsing Whole Foods. I really do love food shopping. I love taking time to look at every thing and see if there is anything I've never eaten before. I love trying new things whether its frozen foods or fruit and vegetables. While in my food shopping reverie I noticed the little square boxes of Kettle Cuisine. I thought I had read something about them and figured what did I have to lose?

My gamble was totally worth it. This three bean chili is flavorful and utterly delicious. The chili is spicy and actually tastes homemade. Nothing about this chili tastes like its something out of a cardboard box in the freezer section. 

I cannot wait to try all of the other Kettle Cuisine flavors. If they are anywhere as good as this I can't wait!

Verdict? Yummy!


  1. Their stuff is SO good. I've had their chicken chili and their steak chili and both were delicious. Perfect portion sizes, too.

  2. Good to hear! The chicken & steak chili are on my list to try next.

  3. The corn chowder is totally yum too:)!