Saturday, October 8, 2011

Jovial Fig Fruit Filled Cookies

I can't think of one person I know who doesn't love Fig Newton cookies.

I have always had a serious fondness of that soft cookie shell and that lovely chewy fig filled center.


So yummy and so gluten full.

PCD days I would chow down on Fig Newtons on a fairly regular basis. There was a time in the 90's when they even had other flavors like apricot & strawberry which were equally loved by me.

After my diagnosis I kissed those Fig Newtons goodbye until today.

I was poking around my health food store. I always slowly scan each aisle because they ALWAYS have new stuff in stock - they easily have the biggest selection of gluten free food - when I came across these cookies.

My health food store had the fig fruit filled and vanilla creme filled I naturally gravitated to the fig fruit filled. I had a good feeling.

When I brought my purchases up to the counter the check out girl gasped "these are AMAZING....they taste even better than Fig Newtons!" This was very exciting. Everytime one of the employees at the health food store recommends something it is always perfect and delicious and this time was no different.

As soon as I got home I opened the box. The cookies are perfect little round spheres the cookie is a little stiff but still a little soft - just perfect. The cookie doesn't get crumbly and gross and the fig filling is delicious! The checkout girl was right they are BETTER than Fig Newtons!

Verdict? YUMMY!


  1. ok so now I want to know where the health food store you shop at is:)

  2. I go to Natural Health in Blackwood, NJ - they have the biggest selection of GF foods in South Jersey!