Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Schar Chocolate Hazelnut Bars

Back in elementary school my mom would occasionally buy wafer cookies and they would end up as my special snack in my lunchbox.

Those were always some happy times. I would break off each layer and eat them separately. I loved them. Left unattended I could polish off almost an entire container.

I feel like I've had gluten free wafer cookies before but nothing that could hold a flame to these bars.

First of all they are like the size of a candy bar. Which was totally unexpected. I figured these would be tiny little cookies - as is usually the case with gluten free stuff. I was very happy to see such a giant cookie! And it's totally covered in chocolate!

The cookie is light as air and it tastes even better than those wafer cookies from my youth. This is like a wafer cookie grown up. The hazelnut flavor is insanely yummy and the chocolate is light - its not too rich or too chocolate-ly. The hazelnut flavor is the real star of this show.

I am completely addicted to these bars. They call to me all the time. So my only warning is that one bite might turn you into a Schar Chocolate Hazelnut Bar junkie - but its clearly the best kind of junkie to be!

Verdict? YUMMY. You will LOVE these!

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