Thursday, August 25, 2011

Rudi's Sandwich Bread

I've been hearing about Rudi's for a at least year. For a really long time I thought that people were just confusing Udi's and adding an R to it. Due to me thinking that everyone else was too stupid to remember Udi's I never thought to look for Rudi's bread. Eventually I did realize that Rudi's was its very own separate company with fantastic reviews and plenty of people calling it "best GF bread EVER!"

Best GF bread ever?


This I HAD to try.

The texture of the bread is lovely. It is reminiscent of those yummy honey wheat breads I used to get PCD.

I LOVED those.

They were always amazingly delicious with this little touch of sweetness.

Rudi's has that lovely bit of sweetness but I don't think that its from honey, It has more of a molasses taste and the bread is delicious with honey ham or honey turkey.

The bread is perfect from the package and needs no toasting to taste amazing!

Verdict? YUMMY

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