Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Grainless Baker Hot Dog Buns

There is nothing that screams summer like cookouts - especially grilled burgers & hot dogs. Nothing makes me happier or makes my mouth water more then the smell of a grill. Since I was diagnosed with celiac summer cookouts just don't have the same excitement. While burgers & hot dogs can be good without a bun there is just something wrong with eating grilled meat sans bun. 

For years I've struggled with cookout goodies. This year I've found the joy that is Udi's Hamburger Buns
but have been extremely unlucky in acquiring their hot dog buns. I've always really enjoyed The Grainless Bakers baguettes so when I came across these guys I figured they were worth a shot.

Until I came across these buns I had no idea that The Grainless Baker even made hot dog buns. A few years back I had tried another brands hot bog buns (for the life I cannot remember who made them) but they were terrible. They were like three times the size of a typical hot dog bun - it was just WAY too much bread and it just made me sad.

These are unbelievable. The best part? NO TOASTING! They are delicious straight after thawing. It seems that more and more companies are now getting on this bandwagon of letting us actually enjoy bread products like a normal person.

Verdict? Yummy!

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