Monday, August 15, 2011

The Grainless Baker Hoagie Rolls

I come from the land of hoagies. Every deli & pizza place around here boasts the "Best Hoagies in South Jersey" or "The Best Hoagies Outside of Philly" I typically just pout and order my "Best Hoagie" with no bread on a bed of lettuce - and could you change your gloves first please? And put down some wax paper? Thanks, you guys are the best!

PCD I loved ordering Italian Hoagies with lots of oil & vinegar & extra spice. There was this amazing Italian Deli across the street from my high school (I think it has since moved) and it made the best hoagies I've ever had. Interestingly enough they never self-proclaimed themselves the best of anything. Everything was fresh and the had the most yummiest hoagies rolls I've ever had. I've been able to accept that the chances of me every having a chewy perfect roll again are very slim (unless a genius food scientist who loves bread gets diagnosed with celiac then all bets are off) but I'd still love to be able to bite into a good hoagie roll. 

I'm happy to say that The Grainless Baker has not disappointed yet again. These buns are delicious once dethawed and do not need to be toasted. Which means you could grab one and go to your favorite sandwich joint and enjoy a tasty hoagie on a roll! Nothing bad about that!

Verdict? Yummy - and I'm ready to go so far to say that if you see a product by The Grainless Baker it will absolutely be fabulous. 

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