Tuesday, November 22, 2011

FDA's New Dietary Ingredient Guidance

If you are anything like me, you take a boat load of supplements. Most celiacs have to even if they really, really, really hate swallowing pills. Most (if not all) of us have damaged intestinal tracts which means that our bodies don't always absorb all the nutrients from the foods we eat leaving us vulnerable to malnutrition. Which makes supplements mandatory to our daily regimes.

Like a lot of celiacs I also have other medical issues that I choose to treat holistically - I'm just am not a big fan of big pharma. So needless to say I take A LOT of supplements which is why this new I'm very concerned about the FDA's New Dietary Ingredient Guidance.

Basically what this thing say is that all supplements will require pre-approval of any supplement that contains a new ingredient added after 1994.  Yes, you read that right - if any supplement you take changed its formulation in the past 17 years it will be subject to this new hoop jumping  - even if the product has been proven to be 100% safe.

The NDI will:

-Require notification and de-facto pre-approval for all products with even a minor ingredient change
-Reduces or eliminates product choices and suspends research and new product development
-Ignores the proven safety record of dietary supplements and vitamins
-Increases prices due to unnecessary testing and paperwork

Other possible implications:
-Some products becoming available through prescription only at a much higher cost
-Questions the additions of non-active ingredients in products that have no other product changes
-The closing of your favorite health food stores and nutri-product manufacturing companies triggering the loss of thousands of health product industry jobs.

So what can you do?

- Call the Capitol Switchboard at 202-224-3121 and tell your Senators and Representatives that you oppose the FDA's New Dietary Ingredient Guidelines
- Ask for Congressional Oversight on the FDA's attempt to circumvent the law
-Send an action alert to your Congressman www.anh-us.org

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