Monday, November 21, 2011

Enjoy Life! Chewy Bars

These tasty little bars and perfect in so many ways. 

First - the flavors are delicious. My two favorites are up above. The caramel apple tastes sweet but isn't overwhelming. Sunbutter Crunch tastes lovely and creamy. There is also Very Berry and Choco Loco flavored bars. The Very Berry is tasty and you get a nice taste of fruit in the bar. The Choco Loco is super rich and very chocolately. 

Second - The bars are perfectly portioned. They are small but pack a mighty punch, It's the perfect size to satisfy a sweet tooth without any guilt!

Third- They are all either 110 or 120 calories which is perfect for those who don't want to eat a big snack. 

I love these! I think I have about five of them currently in my purse. There are the perfect thing to grab when you are out running around and realize that you haven't had anytime to eat. They stop me from doing what I normally do which is grab something junky. With these bars I can have a candy bar taste with absolutely no guilt!

Verdict? YUMMY!

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