Friday, July 1, 2011

Jules Gluten Free Cookie Mix

So Jules Shepard is a heavy weight in the gluten free world. She's a GF gal who got sick and tired of all flour mixes sucking so she decided to get up off her bum and do something about it. She dared to ask "why can't GF taste like G-Full?"

I have no clue how or when I stumbled across Jules' website but I am so glad that I did. For well over a year I've been receiving her lovely monthly newsletter - which always features some tasty goodie that Jules is baking up. I've always wanted to try her recipes but was convinced they wouldn't be good due to using another brand of flour. For some reason I was really hesitant to order her flour or mixes. I read through all of the reviews and Googled the products and everything was favorable but for some reason I never pulled the trigger.

A month or so ago Jules was running a promotion and I bit. And dear Lord in heaven am I glad I did.

Little backstory here. I am a cookie monster. I LOVE cookies especially chocolate chip cookies. When I was growing up my Mother made the most delicious chocolate chip cookies on this planet. I have honestly never had a better cookie. I can still taste them to this day. Every cookie I have ever made in my entire life has been an attempt to duplicate my Mom's recipe. When I was G-Full I came pretty close with my cookies but it was never quite the same. Being GF my cookies NEVER came anywhere close to being nearly as good as my Mom's. They didn't even reside in the same planetary system as my Mom's cookies.

So I was super hopeful when I pulled out my Jules Gluten Free Cookie Mix yesterday and got to getting. The first thing I noticed was that Jules' instruction were different from anything I've ever seen. She has you cream half of the mix with butter and shortening (pro-tip I whipped out the pastry blender to incorporate the butter & shortening first because before I did that I ended up with a mix cloud and mix going everywhere). It turned the mix into light, fluffy clouds. You then add in your eggs and then the other half of the mix. I couldn't get over how light and fluffy the mix was. I seriously cannot emphasize that enough. It looked like this:

(Pictured: Light & Fluffy)

But what really got me was the aroma coming from the mix. It smelled sooooo delicious. In fact, I did something I haven't done in almost a decade. I ate raw cookie dough. I licked those beaters clean and shiny. Then I licked the spoon clean after I stirred in my M&Ms. I then ate another spoonful of batter (clean spoon - I'm not a savage). I had to stop myself before I ate the entire bowl of raw cookie dough. It was spectacular.

The most torturous part? The mix sets in the fridge for about two hours before you can bake them. I busied myself with getting into Game of Thrones (seriously? How good is that show?!). When two hours were up I pre-heated the oven and got down with my bad ass Betty Crocker self. 

Amazeballs. These cookies are insanity. I give Jules the highest honor of saying they tasted like my Mom's cookies. They were just incredible. Light, chewy and a little crispy around the edges - the perfect cookie. And best of all they taste G-Full NOT GF.

I highly recommend this mix to everyone - it is amazing and absolutely worth every single penny. Especially considering I got well over 60 cookies out of one bag.

Verdict? YUMMY to the Bajillionth Power

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